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04/04/22 Covid-19 Update

The current mandate on vaccinations for entry to Diocesan Offices (including SBC) has been lifted. Considering this, there are some… Read More

Beyond the Days

Beyond the Days – reflecting on Philip Larkin’s ‘Days’ In his 1953 poem Days, Philip Larkin poses the question, “Where… Read More

Covid-19 Update

Please be aware of the following important announcement regarding entry to Diocesan Offices – St Barnabas College and The Lodge…. Read More

Keep Lighting Candles

The below is transcript of a sermon entitled Keep Lighting Candles preached by SBC Homiletics lecturer, The Rev’d Canon Jenny… Read More

The Renewal of our Nature

I recently completed an Honour’s thesis on the Atonement, seeing salvation as reconciliation and the renewal of human nature, including… Read More


Bushfires Loving God, our prayers today are where our hearts and minds have been during last week: with the victims… Read More


  I was reflecting recently on the new covenant expressed in Jeremiah 31:31–34: “I will put my law in their… Read More

Mary Anoints Jesus

  In John 12 we are confronted by the intimate scene of Mary of Bethany anointing Jesus’ feet with expensive… Read More

Our Inestimable Value

One of the benefits of translating the New Testament from the original language is that the pace of one’s reading… Read More

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