Bachelor of Theology

CSU’s Bachelor of Theology is in our view Adelaide’s premier undergraduate degree in theology. This degree aims to deepen students’ faith understanding in whatever context they live or work.

The degree is three years full-time study, or can be completed on a part-time basis.

Degree Structure

The official information about the degree is on the CSU website and should be consulted for precise information

To graduate, students must satisfactorily complete 192 points of study, normally comprising 24 subjects.

There are four main areas of theological study: Biblical Studies, Theological Studies, Mission and Pastoral Studies, and Church History.

  • 11 Core Subjects
  • A minimum of 20 Theological subjects
  • A minimum of 4 x 200 level – at least 2 x 200 in Biblical Studies and 2 x 200 in Systematic Theology
  • A minimum of 6 x 300 level subjects – at least 2 x 300 in Biblical Studies and 2 x 300 in Systematic Theology
  • A maximum of 12 x 100 level subjects (including core)
  • A maximum of 4 subjects (32) may be chosen from a discipline other than theology
  • A maximum of 2 x 400 level 8 point subjects (16)

Core Subjects (88 points):

Biblical Studies (24)
one Biblical Language Subject chosen from:
THL100 Introduction to Biblical Languages
THL101 New Testament Greek 1
THL102 Biblical Hebrew 1
THL105 Introduction to Old Testament Studies
THL106 Introduction to New Testament Studies

Systematic Theology (24)
THL111 Introduction to Christian Theology
THL113 Being the Church
THL215 Jesus the Christ

Church History (16)
THL131 The Rise of Christianity to 600 CE
THL132 The European Reformations 1400 – 1700

Practical Theology (16)
THL115 Liturgical Theology
THL120 Practical Theology

You can also exit the BTh after completing 8 subjects with a Diploma of Theology, or after completing 16 subjects with an Associate Degree in Theology.

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