Bachelor of Theology (Honours)

The BTH(Hons) is designed to provide students with the opportunity for advanced study in theology and an avenue to postgraduate research study.

Degree Structure

** The official information about the degree is on the CSU website and should be consulted for precise information **

The Honours degree program is one year’s full-time study or equivalent. Students will learn how to:

  • Articulate a broad understanding of the scope and disciplines of theological study
  • Show advanced competence in methods of theological research
  • Demonstrate advanced competence in the specialist theological fields of Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology or Church History.

The thesis requirement for the Bachelor of Theology (Honours) is 20,000 words.

Admission information on the Bachelor of Theology (Honours) program can be obtained by contacting the College at To discuss your options for a specific focus of study contact Academic Manager, Damian Szepessy (