Doctor of Philosophy

We have a growing group of people doing PhD studies with the College. We can offer supervision in almost any area of area of Biblical or theological studies. We believe that we offer Adelaide’s premier environment for doctoral studies, through our research-focussed faculty and the support of CSU.

One of the major advantages of being with Charles Sturt University is the support we can offer doctoral students. From across all the campuses (Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane) we can provide a supervisory team from a large number of leading Australian scholars.

There are also scholarship opportunities available through CSU for which you can apply.

CSU has an excellent collection of online journals which our students have direct access to. In addition to this, St Barnabas College provides student membership to the Lohe Memorial Library. The Adelaide Theological Library is also a good resource; students need to contact the ATL directly for information concerning borrowing rights.

We can supervise in the areas of Old Testament, Biblical Hebrew, New Testament, Systematic Theology,  Practical Theology, and Church History.

Please contact us at admin@sbc.edu.au

Doctoral Students Supervised by St Barnabas College Faculty

Rev’d Jeanette Mathews (2009) Performing Habakkuk: Faithful Re-enactment in a Time of Crisis. Now Published

Major Marie-Louise Craig (2015) Hebrew-English Lexicons of the British Isles from John Parkhurst (1762) to Benjamin Davies (1872)

Dr Rodney Fopp (2012) The Epistemological Presuppositions of Resurrection Belief

Rev’d Theo McCall (2008) Ecology and Eschatology: Moving Towards a Model of Ecological Eschatology. Thesis published by ATF Press.

John Hannaford (2004) Images of Australian Pilgrimages: Culture, Spirituality and Place

Rev’d Melinda Cousins (2013-2016) Pilgrim Theology: Worldmaking through Enactment of the Psalms of Ascents (Psalms 120–134)

Rev’d Sallyanne Hart (2012-) Confronting Stories of Human Sacrifice: A Dialogue Between René Girard and the Hebrew Bible

Damian Szepessy (2013-2018) A New Citizenship: Conversion in Roman Philippi as Reflected in the Letter to the Philippians

Rev’d Mark Thomas (2013-2018) Adelaide Anglicans and the Gospels: Towards a transformative gospel literacy

Rev’d Ruth Mathieson (2014-2019) Dress Code for Heaven? Exploring the Textures of Matthew 22:1-14

Rev’d Dave McDougall (2016-) The Magnanimous Christ: Christology in Conversation with Nietzsche