2019 Timetable

The 2019 Session 1 Timetable is available here.

The 2019 Session 2 Timetable is available here.

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Session 1 Subjects

THL101/417 NT Greek 1

This foundational subject develops the competence needed to begin to read the New Testament in Koine (Common) Greek. It does this by introducing students to the basic grammar and vocabulary of the Greek New Testament. The subject draws attention to the significance of New Testament Greek for biblical and theological study.

THL105/408 Introduction to Old Testament Studies

This subject is a foundational introduction to the contents of the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) and to the scholarship used for the study of the Old Testament. It surveys the formation of the Old Testament, both as a whole and as comprising collections of books, while focusing on selected texts from the Torah (Pentateuch), Prophets, Writings and Apocrypha. It pays particular attention to issues of oral and textual transmission, historical and geographical context, religion and culture, literature type and canon, exegesis, interpretation and diverse theological perspectives.

THL111 Introduction to Christian Theology

This subject offers an introductory engagement with the major doctrines of the Christian faith, including God as Trinity, the person and work of Christ, the Spirit, humanity and the church. Student will learn the tasks, methods and sources of Christian theology, enabling students to develop initial skills of theological reasoning together with the capacity to use theological vocabulary. The subject introduces key figures in the history of theology, and it explores connections between the discipline of theology and contemporary life.

THL115/490 Liturgical Theology

This subject explores the history and practice of worship across a variety of Christian traditions, including contemporary and blended worship. The subject centres on the effects and interrelationships of rites, symbols, words, music, gesture and space in facilitating worship. Key issues considered include liturgical forms, symbol, language, music, architecture and mission. In the context of human ritual activity, the importance of worship in the formation of Christian identity is analysed.

THL203 Paul and his Letters

This subject explores the New Testament material traditionally associated with Paul. It investigates aspects of Paul’s life and theology through an exploration of both Acts and the epistles attributed to Paul. An important component of this subject is the exegetical and interpretive analysis of New Testament epistolary literature, focusing especially on 1 Corinthians and Romans.

THL218 Christian Ministry

This practical subject aims to prepare students for pastoral ministry in community and church contexts. A model of pastoral care intervention will underpin skills development, alongside an understanding of human development and interpersonal process. Communication and interpersonal skills will be applied within the context of specific pastoral situations involving such factors as crisis, fear, anxiety, suffering, grief and loss.

THL316 The Triune God

This subject explores the development of the Christian understanding of God as Trinity, from the biblical origins of the doctrine to key historical and theological developments in the first five centuries and also to the rejuvenation of the doctrine in more recent decades. It considers the implications of renewed trinitarian thought for theology, Christian anthropology, ethics, ecclesiology, mission and interfaith dialogue. The subject also critiques the possible misuse of trinitarian theology and its broader impact.