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Personal Enrichment Places

SBC can offer limited Personal Enrichment Places (PEPs) in its entry level classes for those who want to learn more about their faith but don’t want to enrol in a degree.

PEPs are:

  • About learning for its own sake – you will not be awarded any certification
  • Low Cost – $120 per subject per semester
  • Degree level but not assessed
  • Not assessable for academic credit

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements – you don’t need to have matriculated and you don’t require any formal qualifications to attend subjects for personal enrichment. However, these are University level subjects and there is an expectation that you enjoy reading, analysing material and discussing your views.


It is expected that, in order to maximise the benefit of the subject, PEP students will attend each class at the required time, complete the required reading and participate in discussion. PEP students are required to observe the same college behavioural rules as full fee paying students.

Reading materials

No reading materials are provided, and it will be necessary to purchase the set text books. Furthermore, you will not be eligible for access to online CSU resources. Alternatively, students can borrow the set texts from the St Barnabas College Library, having borrowing privileges of up to four texts for 28 days. Likewise, one of the other local Theological Libraries (Adelaide Theological Library, Brooklyn Park or the Australian Lutheran College, North Adelaide) could provide the necessary resources, though you will need to pay additional fees and register as a community borrower.


To register for a PEP, please see what subjects are on offer on our eventbrite page.

The subjects on offer in Semester 2 2021 are:

  • THL106 – Introduction to New Testament Studies
    Taught by Dr Damian Szepessy
  • THL113 – Being the Church
    Taught by The Rev’d Dr Jo Armour
  • THL202 – Old Testament History and Narrative
    Taught by The Rev’d Dr Joseph Chung
  • THL228 – Pastoral Care
    Taught by The Rev’d Nathanael Reuss
  • THL238 – Mission, Evangelism & Apologetics
    Taught by The Rev’d Dr Simon Hill

For further inquiries contact our Academic Dean.

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