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Encouraging Faith Through Financial Support

One of the ways you can be part of the St Barnabas College community is to encourage faith through financial support.

St Barnabas College is at the heart of the church and accepts the responsibility of the church to reach out widely. To be able to live out this mission, we must have faithful partners along the way to support this mission financially.

If you can support St Barnabas College financially, please use the forms below.

College Donation Fund

This is the most important fund for St Barnabas College as it is an untied fund. This fund gives us the flexibility to address every aspect of our mission as we pursue academic excellence whilst encouraging faith.

Because this fund is untied, it is not tax deductible.



Library Fund

Thanks to the generous donation of 75,000 books, St Barnabas College is developing an excellent theological library. The library is an essential asset in the pursuit of academic excellence at St Barnabas College, but the collection needs to be maintained and developed to support future teaching and research.

You can target your financial support towards the College’s library collection.

Donations to the Library are now tax deductible!


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