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The Rev’d Dr Joseph Chung

Joseph Chung

Contact Details

Position: Lecturer in Biblical Studies



Doctor of Theology
University of Hamburg

Master of Sacred Theology
Lutheran Theological Seminary (Hong Kong)

Master of Divinity
Lutheran Theological Seminary (Hong Kong)

Master of Arts in Bible and Church Management
China Bible Seminary (Hong Kong)

Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature
Hong Kong Baptist University

Areas of Teaching

Old Testament


Originally from Hong Kong, Joseph finished his doctoral research in Germany and returned to home to teach in a theological seminary in areas including Biblical Hebrew, Preaching the Old Testament, the Wisdom Literature, the Prophetic Literature and Old Testament theology.

Being Anglican, he has had experience working overseas as a minister in Lutheran, Methodist and Evangelical, Chinese churches. He has also been involved with international exchanges and dialogues with different denominations and cultures in various theological conferences and meetings of mission organisations and churches.

He moved to Adelaide several years ago with his wife and children.


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Chung, T.S.J., “Vision (Theme Article)” in CMS Newsletter 139 (Nov.-Dec. 2013). Hong Kong: Chinese Mission Seminary, 2013, pp. 1-2. (in Chinese)

Chung, T.S.J. The Lord of Hosts and his messengers – the significance of YHWH Zebaoth in Haggai-Zechariah 1-8-Malachi. Göttingen: Cuvillier Verlag, 2011.


Conference papers

“Reading the Decalouge from the Perspective of Post Exilic Prophets”, Symposium at the Melbourne School of Theology, May 2018

“The Face of God and his grace in Mal. 1:8”, Hamburger Forschungskolloquium, June 2013.

“The suffering servant as a disciple in the third Servant Song (Isa. 50:4-11)– a study of the term limudim in the contexts of Proto- and Deutero-Isaiah”, Forschungskolloquium at the Department of Old Testament, Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich, July 2012.

“The Return of YHWH Zebaoth to his city in Zech. 8″, Symposium „Die Stadt im Zwölfprophetenbuch“ in Essen University, Sept. 2010

“Yahweh Zebaoth in the vision cycle of Zechariah”, Hamburger Forschungskolloquium, June 2009.

Yahweh Zebaoth in Hag. 1 and the motif of messenger in the divine council”, Hamburger Forschungskolloquium, May 2008.

“The use of YHWH Zebaoth in Mal. 1:6-14″, Hamburger Forschungskolloquium, June 2006.

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