The Rev’d Dr Doug Rowston


Contact Details

Position: Lecturer in Biblical Studies



Doctor of Philosophy
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Graduate Diploma of Education
South Australian College of Advanced Education

Bachelor of Divinity (Honours)
Melbourne College of Divinity

Bachelor of Commerce
University Of Melbourne

Areas of Teaching

Johannine Literature, New Testament including Greek, Contemporary Methods in Biblical Interpretation, Advanced Biblical Exegesis


Originally from Melbourne and a student at Whitley College, Dr Doug Rowston was ordained by the Baptist Union of Victoria in 1967 before he did doctoral studies overseas. In 1972 he moved to Adelaide where he has worked as theological lecturer at Burleigh College, religious education teacher at Prince Alfred College, local pastor at Richmond Baptist Church, and adjunct lecturer at St Barnabas College.


Selected Academic Articles

‘The Power Tactics of Jesus Christ,’ The Journal of Pastoral Care, 26: 211-212, 1972.

‘The Most Neglected Book in the New Testament,’ New Testament Studies, 21: 554-563, 1975.

‘Changes in Biblical Interpretation Today: Ephesians,’ Biblical Theology Bulletin, 9: 121-125, 1979.

‘Ahmadiyya: An Indian Reform Movement in Islam,’ Colloquium, 14: 37-39, 1981.

‘A Religious Education Teacher’s Confession: My Belated Discovery of the Non-Fiction of Frederick Buechner,’ R.E.Journal of Australia, 12/1: 13, 17-21, 1996.

‘Postscript to “A Religious Education Teacher’s Confession,” ’ R.E.J.A., 13/1: 27, 1997.

‘Paul and the Philosophers,’ R.E.Journal of Australia, 15/1: 11-13, 1999.

‘Ways of Knowing, Faith and History,’ R.E.Journal of Australia, 18/2: 26-31, 2002.

‘Notes for Teachers on Storytellers in the Hebrew Bible,’ R.E.Journal of Australia, 25/2:37-39, 2009

Published Books

A Bird’s Eye View of the Bible (MediaCom, 2007)

Jesus and Life: Word Pictures in John’s Gospel (Baptist Churches of SA, 2010)

Pray and Sing: Prayers & Songs in the New Testament (MediaCom, 2012) (purchase here)

Promises and Blessings in the Book of Revelation (Morning Star publishing, 2015)

A Bird’s Eye View of the Bible Second Edition (MediaCom, 2014)

Things that Jesus said: Parables of the Kingdom and Eternal Life (Morning Star Publishing, 2016)

Things that Jesus did: Miracles of the Kingdom and Signs of Eternal Life (MediaCom, 2018)