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The Rev’d Dr Theo McCall

Contact Details

Position: Lecturer in Systematic Theology



Graduate Diploma of Education
UniSA, 2013

Doctor of Philosophy
Flinders 2008

Master of Theological Studies
Flinders University, 2002

Diploma of Pastoral Studies
Adelaide College of Divinity, 1996

Bachelor of Theology
Flinders University, 1996

Bachelor of Arts (Hons)
University of Adelaide, 1992


Areas of Teaching

Systematic Theology



Theo is Chaplain at St Peter’s College, Adelaide, and works across the whole school (ELC – Year 12). He is the Senior Chaplain for Anglican Schools in South Australia. He graduated with a PhD in Systematic Theology from Flinders University in 2008 and his thesis was published as The Greenie’s Guide to the End of the World (Adelaide: ATF, 2011). He is a Board member of St Barnabas’ College and Adjunct Lecturer at St Barnabas’ College and Charles Sturt University. Theo is keenly interested in the dialogue between systematic theology and positive psychology, particularly from a practical point of view in delivering chaplaincy services and Religious and Values Education (RAVE) lessons. In October 2013 he attended a meeting in Canterbury of spiritual leaders and psychologists led by Martin Seligman. He co-edited the proceedings of this meeting in a book entitled Being Called (Santa Barbara: Praeger, 2015). Theo has presented and run workshops on wellbeing widely. He enjoys cycling (his collection of bicycles seems to increase yearly), singing and music, bushwalking, good food and red wine, and making connections between movies and theology.



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McCall, T. (2011). The Greenie’s Guide to the End of the World: ecology and eschatology. ATF: Adelaide.

McCall, T. (2004). Ecology and Eschatology: The Greenie’s Guide to the End of the World. In Biodiversity & Ecology: An Interdisciplinary Challenge. Interfaith 7/1. Ed. D. Edwards and M. Worthing. ATF: Adelaide, pp. 145–152.




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