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Bishop Tim Harris

Tim Harris

Contact Details

Position: Research Fellow

Phone: 08 8305 9580



Doctor of Philosophy
Flinders University

Master of Theology
Australian College of Theology

Bachelor of Theology (Hons)
Australian College of Theology

Bachelor of Arts (Anc. History major)
Macquarie University

Diploma of Arts (Hons)
Moore Theological College

Areas of Teaching

New Testament; Mission and Practical Theology


Tim brings over 20 years of tertiary theological teaching experience, and 26 years of ordained Anglican ministry experience with him, and a special interest in ministry formation with a strong missional focus.

Tim is a Research Fellow at the College, teaches in New Testament as well as contextual and applied theology. His PhD is in Pauline theology and status conventions in the world of the early church. He was New Testament Moderator for the Australian College of Theology (2004-2011), and he has been a guest lecturer in post-graduate studies in a number of colleges in Australia and New Zealand.

Tim’s ongoing research interests include cultural anthropology, biblical theology and the missional character of the early (sixteenth century) formative stages of the Church in England. He has published articles in a range of journals and has a manuscript based on his doctoral dissertation being finalised for publication, and is also engaged in another writing project on social world transformation within the church in the context of missional witness.

From 2008-2011, Tim was founding Dean of a new theological college in the South Island of New Zealand, and oversaw a new model for theological education at tertiary level that catered for a wide range of students throughout New Zealand.

Tim is an Anglican bishop in the Diocese of Adelaide and often provides bible studies and addresses to a range of conferences.

He is married to Fiona, and together they have three adult children. To relax, Tim enjoys boats, photography and woodwork.


Academic seminar papers

‘“Be of one mind”: Paul’s exhortation in the socio-political setting of Philippi’ – Society of Biblical Literature International Conference (Auckland), 2009

‘Reframing “from plight to solution“: the imagery of freedom in Paul and Epictetus’, Australasian Conference for the Academy and the Church, Brisbane 2009

‘Ethos as Theology: Re-focusing Pauline Theology’, ANZATS Conference, University of Otago, 2009

‘Preaching to the imagination: rediscovering the evocative power of Scripture’, Bishopdale School of Preaching, 2009

‘Shalom as the telos of God’s creation project: sanctuary and the garden within the mission of God’, Bishopdale School of Theology, 2010

‘Paul’s former self as dialogue partner in Romans 2:17-24’, ANZABS Conference, Auckland 2010

Published work

“The Buck Stops Where? Authority in the Early Church and Current Debate on Ministry”, Interchange, 41, 1987

“Why Did Paul Mention Eve’s Deception? A Critique of P.W. Barnett’s Interpretation of 1 Timothy 2”, Evangelical Quarterly, LXII/4, 1990

‘Supporting evangelicals in isolated contexts’, Essentials, Summer 2006

‘Distinctive Features of the Gospels’, in A. Nobbs and M. Harding (ads), The Content and Setting of the Gospel Tradition(Eerdmans, 2010)

‘Pauline Theology’, in A. Nobbs and M. Harding (eds), All Things to All Cultures: Paul among Jews, Greeks and Romans (Eerdmans, forthcoming)

In preparation

The Subversion of Status: Pauline notions of humility and deference in Graeco-Roman perspective

Changing the world from the inside out: the transformative power of humble-mindedness

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