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Is God Calling?

Every Christian person by their baptism is called by God to live a life of discipleship, one of following Jesus.  This involves trying to be Christlike in our words and actions, as well as to bear witness to our faith in God, and to support the Church as it reaches out in Mission to our communities and to the world at large.

There are some people who feel God may be calling them to leadership in the Church.  Sometimes it’s just a vague feeling that God wants something more from us; sometimes it is a strong conviction that we are being called to a specific role.  Often when we share this sense of call, others around us confirm that they can see us being suited for ordination in the Church. Sometimes other people, family, friends, colleagues or fellow Christians hint that they think God might be calling us even before we’ve thought of it ourselves!  These indicators may be the beginnings of a developing vocation to explore ordination to the diaconate (to be a deacon) or to priesthood (to be a priest) in the Church.

There is a tradition in the Christian Church to view this tentative sense of call as great encouragement for the person concerned, as well as for the Church.  The Church is happy to welcome those who are sensing a call to something deeper, and to assist the “seeker” clarify their call.  A discernment process is offered which helps the individual discern the ministry God might be calling them into.

To enquire about the process please contact the Director of Ministry Formation and Discernment of the Adelaide Diocese, The Rev’d Julie Worrall,  08 8305 9310 or 0419 779 968.

Ministry Discernment Process – download a copy of our Guide for people exploring ministry.

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