Friends of St Barnabas College

The Friends of St Barnabas is a community of people who have the interests and welfare of the College in their hearts.

The objectives of “The Friends” are

  • to raise awareness of the College and its mission in the Province of South Australia among Anglican parishes and the wider church and community
  • to support the role of St Barnabas College, especially with respect to building community, advertising and fund-raising
  • to enrich the life of the college community through the involvement of “The Friends” in key events
  • to oversee a network of parish representatives to facilitate a connection to the College
  • to maintain up-to-date contact details with old scholars, graduates and Collegians.
  • to encourage prayer for the life of the College and those associated with it.

Projects of “The Friends” will be

  • to sponsor a “Friends of St Barnabas” academic prize annually
  • to fund a “Friends of St Barnabas” scholarship
  • to organise an annual Friends dinner
  • to provide members with information about current staff members and current students
  • to provide members with a schema for regular prayer for the College, its members and activities