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Book Launch Report


On the afternoon of Sunday 3rd December an enthusiastic crowd of people gathered together in North Adelaide in great anticipation and celebration an important event; the joint launch of Flourishing In Faith: Theology Encountering Positive Psychology by both St Peter’s College and St Barnabas College (it also, coincidentally, happened to be held on the same day as a local, small scale cricketing event, to which we apologise for stealing their attendees).

Beginning at 2:30, the first innings began with the guests being welcomed by a bevy of food and drink. Engaging in casual conversation, the attendees ensured that the afternoon was off to a good start, with all being eager to purchase copies of the book for themselves.

From left to right – Standing: Mathew White, Theo McCall and Lynn Arnold; Seated: Matthew Anstey and Gillies Ambler

Soon thereafter there was a brief tea break, where our very own The Rev’d Dr Lynn Arnold AO launched the book, giving a brief speech overviewing its content and showering it with his praises. The highlight of his piece? That the conversation between positive psychology and theology is to be a tension like that seen in the image of a double helix, both intertwining around the other with points of the connection between the two, dialectically making contact, reinforcing and resisting the other, to the end of both being richer.

Finally, play resumed in the second innings, continuing the conversations, and concluding with sales of the book and subsequent signings by the four editors: Gilles Ambler, Matthew Anstey, Theo McCall and Mathew White.  With roughly forty in attendance and over 50 copies of the book sold, the event was most definitely a success! It was an enjoyable afternoon. Regrettably neither the Barmy Army nor “the Richies” were in attendance.

If you are interested in the book please check out this review or contact our Librarian, Ros Devenish, to purchase a copy for yourself.

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