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Call No One on Earth Your Father Book Launch


On Thursday the 16th of June, SBC hosted the launch of Call No One on Earth Your Father, authored by Library Volunteer and Adjunct Lecturer in Ecclesiology, Dr Jo Armour.

Held across the road at St Peter’s Cathedral in the Cynthia Poulton Hall, the event began at 4:30pm with some light refreshments and casual conversation, with the official proceedings beginning at 5:00pm. Launched by Sr Shelia Flynn OP (a Dominican Sister of Eastern Australia and the Solomon Islands), the larger SBC and Adelaide Roman Catholic community (as well as some guests present from interstate) gathered together to celebrate Jo’s achievement.

Summarising the argument of the book, Sheila noted that “the hierarchical structuring of the ordained ministry became a vehicle for domination, monopolising the teaching, sacramental action and administration of the entire church, generating a vastly compromised and often passive congregation of God’s people. The dispossession of a huge sector its members denied their full contribution to the ministry of the Church and its mission.”

Noting that Jo’s work offers an incisive and timely critique of Roman Catholic doctrine, she praised Jo saying that, “Jo Implores us to reclaim the spirit of the early church where all those gathered, men and women, shaped the sacramental and pastoral inclusion in its life… Jo seriously calls us to rethink our ecclesiology.”

Jo then graciously took a moment to thank the various groups and individuals who helped her along the journey of her studies and writing her book. Reminiscing over the words of a prayer prayed by a a previous SBC principal whilst presiding over the Eucharist, “O God, change the Church”, she echoed its sentiments. “I think my prayer is too that our Churches, Catholic or Protestant, be open to the need for change, not for change’s sake but for the sake of bringing the good news of God’s love to the world.”

If you are wanting to purchase copies of the book, either contact Jo directly for discount prices or purchase them online from Wipf & Stock

Dr Jo Armour with a copy of Call No One on Earth Your Father

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