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Dr James Alison Adelaide Events

In association with the Australian Girard Seminar, St Barnabas College is pleased to present Dr James Alison, a leading René Girard Scholar, Author and Theologian.

Dr Alison has received high praise from theologians such as Rowan Williams and Stanley Hauerwas for his theological depth and penetrating insight:


“The very best theological books leave you with a feeling that perhaps it’s time you became a Christian; this is emphatically such a book.”

Former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, praising Alison’s ‘Faith Beyond Resentment’.


“Like all James Alison books, Faith Beyond Resentment is frighteningly profound”

Stanley Hauerwas praising ‘Faith Beyond Resentment’.


“Not since C.S. Lewis has an English Christian summoned his readers into such holy conversations.”

James Keenan, S.J. Canisius Professor, Boston College


Dr Alison will be presenting at two events:

A public lecture, entitled: ‘Violence gives rise to religion: And why popular culture has this back to front…’

This will be hosted on Tuesday 3/10 at 7:30pm at St Peter’s Anglican Church at 1 Torrens Square, Glenelg.

He will also be presenting a Scholar’s Seminar, where he will be discussing René Girard and his own scholarship in an intimate setting. This will be hosted on Wednesday 4/10 at 1:30pm at St Barnabas College.

Check out the official flier for the events here!

To register, check out our eventbrite pages for the Public Lecture and for the Scholar’s Seminar!


“We cannot understand the preaching of the resurrection if it is understood as a miraculous moment which founds a new religion. If it is taken thus, we are in fact denying the force and efficacy of the resurrection. For the resurrection brings about the definitive installation in our midst, as a constructive hermeneutical principle, of the cult of Yahweh who knows not death, and who is worshipped in a continuous apprenticeship in participating in and not being scandalised by the collapse of the sacred. A sacred whose secret is always the victims which it hides, and on whose sacrifice it depends.”

Dr James Alison in ‘Faith Beyond Resentment


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