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Interest-Only Study

Interest-Only Study at St Barnabas College

Have you ever wished you could “sit in” on a university course in Theology? Biblical Studies? Church History? Well, now you can, through enrolling at St Barnabas College as an “interest-only” student.

Each subject is taught in a three hour block. There is no assessment if you are interest-only, and no formal entry requirements – you don’t need to have matriculated, nor any formal qualifications to enrol as an interest-only student.

On the flip-side, attendance cannot be accepted as credit towards a degree at a later stage and you won’t have anything recorded officially. But what you will receive is stimulating lectures and conversation, on matters of deep significance for Christian faith and practice.

Expectations of Interest-only Students

It is expected that, in order to maximise the benefit of the subject, you will:

  • Attend each class at the required time, or let the lecturer know in advance if you will be absent;
  • Complete the required reading;
  • Participate in discussion.

The fee for 2018 is $225 per subject (unless indicated otherwise), payable in advance.

Reading materials

To participate more fully in discussion, it may be necessary to purchase reading materials as they are not provided as part of the fee. If you wish to borrow from the Adelaide Theological Library (Brooklyn Park) or the Löhe Library (Australian Lutheran College, North Adelaide), you will need to join as a Community Borrower. An additional fee is payable and can be arranged with the Library.

Subjects on Offer

To see what subjects we have on offer, check out the subject abstracts for Session 1 and Session 2.

Subject Timetable

Check out the respective Session 1 and Session 2 timetables.


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