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SBC Paschal Candle

“Christ is risen, Allelujah! He is risen indeed, Allelujah!

St Barnabas College doesn’t have any Easter services of its own. On Easter day all staff and students attend their own local churches.
What to do then about lighting the SBC Paschal Candle, which rightfully should be lit from the new fire of Easter morning?

This year, Cathy Thomson, the college principal,  took the SBC paschal candle and stand to her own local parish, St George’s in Gawler. Parish Priest the Rev’d Simon Bailey lit it from the new fire and embedded the 5 brass nails representing Christ’s wounds.  He did the same for the St George’s candle and the candle from the Church of the Transfiguration which also forms part of the Gawler parish. The three candles were processed into the church to the singing of “The Light of Christ. Thanks be to God.” They were then set on their individual stands in the sanctuary.

The SBC candle is the largest, on the left of the photo, standing on the lowest stand.


Thanks to Rev’d Simon and the Gawler parish for their inclusion of the college in their Easter liturgy.

Cathy later in the service was privileged to lead the congregation in the singing of the Easter Anthem (Gelineau). The link is attached if you would like to hear the recording.

 Have a blessed Easter season.

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