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SBC COVID-19 Announcement


In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, St Barnabas College (SBC) has escalated its risk management strategy to Plan B: Restriction of class “gatherings”. This entails the following:

  • Lectures will be transitioning, for students, to a solely online environment from Thursday 19th March,
  • the library will be closed to all students and community borrowers from 5:30pm Wednesday 18th March
  • Resources will continue to be made available electronically where possible through the CSU library digitalisation function

Staff are asked to continue to attend and deliver their lectures from the SBC premises.  However they are requested to download and install Zoom teleconferencing software now in preparation for Plan C: Total College Shutdown should this eventuate. This is to diagnose and fix any issues with the platform in advance, so that lectures can be delivered from home if need be.

Students are required to download and install Zoom teleconferencing software and navigate through their respective Interact2 unit sites to the Online Classroom and navigate as follows:

  • SBC Adelaide Students Only (on the left-hand sidebar)
  • SBC Adelaide Online Classroom
  • SBC_THLXXX Online Meeting Room.

Please refer to the details of the Risk Management Plan here for more details of what this entails.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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