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Semester 2 PEP Applications have Begun!


Interested in studying theology at SBC next semester?

We are now taking PEP enrollments for a wide variety of subjects.

Introduction to New Testament Studies:

This subject introduces the various writings that comprise the New Testament. It does so with reference to their historical context and their literary and theological features. It also introduces critical methods of New Testament interpretation, including basic exegetical skills. Attention is given to long-standing interpretive issues, including the relations between the gospels, the historical value of Acts, authenticity and pseudonymity in Paul, and apocalyptic literature.

Mission, Evangelism and Apologetics:

This subject introduces the study of Christian mission, evangelism and apologetics. It explores the historical, biblical, and theological perspectives on these themes. Particular focus is given to the relationship between the gospel and culture, and recent discussion regarding the missional nature of the church. Attention is also given to issues relating to the practice of mission, evangelism and apologetics.

Being the Church:

This subject examines the scriptural, theological and sacramental bases for the identity and mission of the church in the twenty-first century. The emergence of the ecumenical movement will be discussed, as will contemporary critiques of the church related to the history of colonialism, the abuse of power and the end of Christendom.

Old Testament History and Narrative:

This subject focuses on Old Testament narratives from Joshua to 2 Chronicles, which relate ancient Israel’s story of origins from settlement in Canaan to the Babylonian exile in 587 BCE. It examines key figures and defining events, with due consideration given to extra-biblical sources and archaeological evidence. The subject investigates the functions of narrative in the writing and rewriting of Israelite history and also explores ethical issues arising from these narratives. Attention is given to the accounts of conquest and settlement, the centralisation of Israel under the monarchy, the division of the kingdom, exile to Babylon and historical interpretation in the work of the Chronicler and in later Jewish and Christian texts.

Anglican Foundations:

This subject explores the development of Anglican faith and life within the broad catholic tradition of the Church. It examines the distinctive features of method and content in Anglican theology through selected studies in ecclesiology, ethics, worship and spirituality. Special attention is given to the analysis of the writings of major Anglican theologians and influential commentaries on Anglican history and tradition. Anglicanism in the Australian context is also explored.

Practical  Theology:

This subject introduces students to the discipline of practical theology in which theory and practice are considered together across a range of areas of ministry, mission, worship and pastoral care. It examines its relationship to the biblical, systematic and historical sub-disciplines in theology. Students will develop an understanding of what is distinctive about Practical Theology and the range of methodologies appropriate to it.

Pastoral Care:

This practical subject aims to prepare students for pastoral ministry in community and church contexts. A model of pastoral care intervention will underpin skills development, alongside an understanding of human development and interpersonal process. Communication and interpersonal skills will be applied within the context of specific pastoral situations involving such factors as crisis, fear, anxiety, suffering, grief and loss.

The Johannine Literature:

This subject examines the Johannine literature within the New Testament (the Gospel and epistles of John; Revelation). It addresses literary and historical evidence that Johannine Christianity was a distinctive development within early Christianity with its own literature. Emphasis is given to the setting, genre, content and theology of the Gospel and letters of John, supplemented by a comparative introduction to the book of Revelation.

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