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Things That Jesus Did: By Doug Rowston


Doug Rowston
Doug Rowston, Lecturer in New Testament

Recently Doug Rowston, one of St Barnabas College’s longstanding faculty members, released Things that Jesus Did, a follow up book to Things that Jesus Said

Things that Jesus Did: Miracles of the Kingdom and Signs of Eternal Life, is a rather short text (weighing in at 178 pages), structured as a series of short reflections on the many miracles Christ performed in his ministry, as recorded in the gospels. Whilst this author hasn’t as yet completed Doug’s book, first impressions note that it is designed to be a largely devotional read, with care being put into looking at and analysing the various miracle stories so that one can come to a prayerful reflection over them. It seems that Doug explains the appropriate historical context but always with an eye towards devotional outcomes.

Assistant Bishop, and Research Fellow at SBC, Tim Harris, had this to say about Doug’s book:

“A significant proportion of the Gospels narrate the actions of Jesus. What Jesus did is integral to his mission and ministry, and Doug Rowston’s most helpful overview guides the reader into perceiving deeper meanings and truths that form our gospel traditions. Providing just enough background information, Rowston adeptly places the passages in context, while ensuring the power of these narratives stays much in the foreground. Accessible for those seeking an introduction, and with some great insights for those more familiar with such passages, this new book continues like the earlier Things that Jesus said to take the reader on a pilgrimage of sorts, drawn further along following the footsteps of Jesus on a journey still underway.”

Bishop Tim Harris


If you are interested in copies, Doug’s book is for sale in paperback form at, or alternatively you can contact Doug himself for a copy.

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