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Welcome to 2017!

Welcome to 2017!

It is our great pleasure and privilege to welcome all into the new academic year at St Barnabas, whether they be staff, students or friends of the college.

The year has barely even begun and already there have been significant developments in the life of the College.

We have three welcome additions to our ever expanding team, who will help us achieve our visions for the college and its students: Valerie Langshaw, Anthony Bondarenko and Christopher Shakes, who are taking on the roles of Executive Assistant to the Principal, Digital Media Editor and Grants Officer, respectively.

Flooding – an occasion for new carpet

This year has also brought some unexpected challenges. The severe weather conditions toward the end of December last year caused the box gutters of the building to overflow and an air-conditioning water pipe to burst, resulting in an unprecedented amount of flooding into various parts of the college, including the library, kitchen and common rooms.

A lot of rearranging, reorganising and rescheduling has taken place
in order to keep the college running. We have managed to pull through the worst and are slowly but surely returning to normal. Thank-you to all who were involved, for your tireless efforts during this time!

Refugee books displaced by flooding

So, although 2017 has not begun as we anticipated, it is our hope and prayer that 2017 will be a fruitful and blessed year for all staff, students and friends of St Barnabas.

We’re confident that Semester One will proceed as planned, ensuring we can truly be an encouraging community of those who learn together what it means to know and love God. In the forward-looking words of the Principal: “this upheaval has given us a new opportunity to practice what we preach.”

Written by Anthony Bondarenko

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