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Books for Sale

The library has many books for sale that are in excellent condition and in excess to the library’s needs.

Books range in price from $2 – $5 with a few exceptions.

They are mostly on the subjects of religion, Christianity and theology; however, you will also find books on philosophy, the social sciences and history.

Books can be purchased directly from the librarian during opening hours. Payment can be made in cash or by electronic funds transfer.

We currently have the following, high quality books for sale:


Christian Faith and the Problem of Evil / Van Inwagen $20
In the whirlwind : God and humanity in conflict / Burt $20
Lion handbook of Science & Christianity / Barry $15
Deuteronomy (International Theological Commentary) / Cairns $5
One-stop Bible guide / Beaumont $5
Creation and the cross / Johnson $15
Creation Power and Truth / Wright $10
Inventing the Universe / McGrath $10
Ezekiel a new heart (International Theological Commentary) / Vawter $5
The book that made your world / Mangalwadi $10
NIV Application Commentary / Provan $15
Leviticus (Brazos commentary) / Radner $15
Intro to world religions Partridge (ed) $15
Captains of the soul / Gladwin $10
Modern Christianity to 1900 / Porterfield $10
Living with a wild God / Ehrenreich $10
A spectator’s guide to world views $10
The bible in Australia /Lake $10
A Polity of Persuasion/ Driver $20
NIB One Volume Commentary $50
Feasting on the Gospels : Mark / Jarvers $40
The People’s Bible / Wilson $5
Jesus : the complete guide / Houlden $20
Psychology & Christianity : five views / Johnson $10
Let’s do theology / Green $15


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