SBC Library Appeal

Library Appeal

St Barnabas College is now well established in the building originally founded to house the college in 1880. This move has facilitated efforts to re-establish a dedicated academic library that will support student learning.

The primary focus has been to provide access to resources most relevant to the College syllabus. From the magnificent foundation collection of 70,000 volumes donated by Mr Clive Rodger, 10,800 items have been catalogued and organised on the shelves. This part of the collection is now available for reference and borrowing by college students and staff, and all Anglican clergy in the Province of South Australia. All this has been achieved through the efforts of a dedicated team of volunteers trained and directed by the college librarian. With continued support for the librarian’s position we would hope to add a further eight to ten thousand books per year for several years to come.

The other major focus of the librarian has been to provide assistance to students in the access and use of resources. This includes not only the print collections, but also the online resources and journals provided by our academic association with Charles Sturt University.

It is our hope that you might be encouraged by these achievements to join the company of donors to the funding of the St Barnabas College librarian position with a pledged or one-off donation. All donations will receive a tax-deductible receipt.



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