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Studying at St Barnabas College

St Barnabas College offers awards from Charles Sturt University’s School of Theology.

The CSU School of Theology is one of the largest theological schools in Australia, with over 600 students, including some 30 doctoral candidates, and boasts an outstanding research culture, with over 80 publications in 2010.

Faculty from St Barnabas College provide face-to-face teaching across a range of subjects.

We offer two undergraduate awards and five postgraduate awards on offer through Charles Sturt University’s School of Theology, ranging from the one year Diploma of Theology, the 3 year Bachelor of Theology, Graduate Diploma or Master of Theology, through to the Doctor of Philosophy.

Students can also elect to participate in subjects for interest only, but these are not available for credit. There are also a range of flexible approaches if people want to ‘brush up’ or undertake postgraduate qualifications.