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Bachelor of Theology

Bachelor of Theology

The Bachelor of Theology is the qualification normally required for ordination in the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide but is also suitable for anyone who wishes to strengthen their knowledge of theology. This degree aims to deepen students’ faith understanding in whatever context they live or work.

Career opportunities include chaplaincy (school, hospital military, prisons, industry) or work in social welfare in churches and charities. Some students also study purely out of personal interest and enrichment.

To graduate, students must satisfactorily complete 192 points (24 subjects) of study, involving 11 core subjects and a series of restricted electives.

The degree is three years full-time study or can be completed on a part-time basis, with exit points at the Diploma or Associate Degree levels.

For more information, see the CSU website for details.


Further Study

SBC also offers a Bachelor of Theology (Honours) for suitably qualified students. The honours degree is designed to develop advanced research skills in theology and functions as a stepping stone into postgraduate study and research.

Students will undertake an additional 64 points (3 subjects – 1 core research unit and 2 limited electives) of study, which takes an additional year full-time, or part-time equivalent.

See the CSU website for more details.


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